Laine (churchfreak) wrote,

What I hate...

Since coming back to America I've developed a hatred for something.... The American CHURCH. It really ticks me off to just see churches that are here to exist. These churches are usually small and the people within are content with staying small. They offer no hope or light to the community. Maybe I'm wrong...because I view success as big. I don't understand how you could be small and successful... Every small church I know of is just a church that exists. The thing that I find interesting is how in the early church they met in "small groups" but these small groups were seldom very small. Sometimes there were hundreds packed into a house. These "groups" always grew! If it weren't for them GROWING Christianity would have never spread. It would have only stayed within those Jesus had ministered to. But people were inspired, they had hope and faith so they proclaimed the gospel everywhere. So the groups grew, and people went out from the groups and took the gospel to other area's and thats how Christianity spread. So I just don't see how people could actually think that a small church is ok because even though you may be "ministering" to the people within the congregation are mandate is to go out unto all the world and preach the gospel. If the "world" doesn't know you exist, if the "world" isn't being touched by your ministry, if the "world" isn't being brought to the Lord.. I just don't see the point.
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