QUESTION! Please help me!

ok Im not sure how to explain this but here it goes. I've noticed on some blogs people will post a paragraph and then there will be one word that will be bold and usually underlined and you click on it and all of a sudden you see the rest of the story or more pictures.. HOW DO THEY DO IT? It totally boggles my mind and I've searched everywhere to try to figure out how to do it but havent had any success.. Does anybody no what Im talking about?? If you do your help would be greatly appreciated!!

What I hate...

Since coming back to America I've developed a hatred for something.... The American CHURCH. It really ticks me off to just see churches that are here to exist. These churches are usually small and the people within are content with staying small. They offer no hope or light to the community. Maybe I'm wrong...because I view success as big. I don't understand how you could be small and successful... Every small church I know of is just a church that exists. The thing that I find interesting is how in the early church they met in "small groups" but these small groups were seldom very small. Sometimes there were hundreds packed into a house. These "groups" always grew! If it weren't for them GROWING Christianity would have never spread. It would have only stayed within those Jesus had ministered to. But people were inspired, they had hope and faith so they proclaimed the gospel everywhere. So the groups grew, and people went out from the groups and took the gospel to other area's and thats how Christianity spread. So I just don't see how people could actually think that a small church is ok because even though you may be "ministering" to the people within the congregation are mandate is to go out unto all the world and preach the gospel. If the "world" doesn't know you exist, if the "world" isn't being touched by your ministry, if the "world" isn't being brought to the Lord.. I just don't see the point.

Life back home

So for the moment I'm back home in the states. Not sure where I'm headed next but all I know is I cant stay here :) I'm currently working at my Dad's church as a receptionist. Its very boring but at least I'm making money :)

Well gotta go. This is a short post. Long one to come...maybe


Wow does anyone even come on here anymore? My friends page is practically empty. But in case there is someone out there that checks up on this thing like me I'll post a little about how life is going.

Life at the moment is good. This year I've been interning with the junior high ministry here at Hillsong and its been really fun. This last term I got a shock of my life and got asked to be the programmer for Fuel (The name of the youth group) which means everything on a friday night runs past me and I make sure it happens and looks good. Its pretty full on but its using all of my giftings and I've never had so much fun serving God! I also got asked a few weeks ago to program for Summer Camp! Which is HUGE!!! Its funny cause I've actually never been to a camp here but hey we're gonna give it a go! ha
So the end of the year is fastly approaching so Im being swomped with assignments and such. For those of you who dont know!! I will not be coming home for christmas! I'll be staying in AU to work and also to plan summer camp. This next year Im planning on doing degree and my parents arent paying a cent so I've got to get a job. I probably wont be back home to visit for a while..
Im really so excited about whats a head. God has done some amazing stuff...
love you guys! Miss ya tons and more of you should update! Facebook & myspace are nice but long live Live Journal!
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So My housemate said she saw a rat the other day In our house! I assume it was probably a mouse.. She didnt know the difference between a mouse or a rat. So All I would like to say is THANK YOU YODGE for sending your mouse our way! Dont worry though... we wont let the mouse escape through the garage... I plan on killing it Mwhahaha!!

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I was not meant for hot weather.... this summer/christmas is gonna suck!

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so its 2:00am in the morning and Im still doing my assignments. I'm skipping HW to finish one and then I have my weekly ministry and then I'm coming home to do another one.